Conference & Event Posters, Sponsorship Boards & Directional Signage If you produce conferences, tradeshows, or any graphics for events of any kind... you know that the graphics your attendees see when they arrive tell them a lot about the event organizers.  Are they welcomed by a "Welcome sign”? Are the sponsors of your event prominently displayed on a "Thanks to our Sponsors"  board?  Is there a sign telling everyone where to register? Is there a "Conference- at-a-Glance" sign so they know which room to be in? How about directional signs with arrows, or signs advertising special events like cocktail receptions or golf outings? Typical directional posters for a small event (click to enlarge) Typical sizes for these posters are: 22"x28" (most common), 24"x36"*, 36"x48", etc.  *Please note that 24"x36" poster are "downsized" slightly so that they can be gang-mounted on a 4'x8' sheet of mounting board. Other sizes, as well, may be slightly reduced in size so that they can be economically (& environmentally) mounted.  If your poster MUST be an exact size, etc., please tell us in advance as it could affect your price. Need help deciding which posters you might need for your event?. Just give us a call and we’ll walk you through the common posters used for events, and help you keep your signage within budget!
Welcome Poster for Front Entrance Info Poster - Reminds Guests to Download App Registration Poster w/Arrow Directs Guests Sponsor Poster Keeps Sponsors Happy!
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