So, How to Get the Ball Rolling? If you’re really bored you can read the fluffy stuff I wrote down below the file transfer options (would you mind proofreading it while you’re there?)... Actually, there might be a few helpful things down there... I suggest reading it after you’ve read about sending me files :o) Files Via Email: Not so long ago, I discouraged this method... but times have changed, and email servers are faster, and they have been allowing larger files, so... if your files are smaller than 15mb’s, then sending me files via email is pretty much the easiest way to get them here. Please note: Always call to confirm that I received the emailed files if you haven’t received a confirmation email from me within a reasonable time... emails occasionally like to go on “vacation” without permission. File Transfer Services: Here is a list of free file transfer services that will allow you to send us all the large files you want. Just pick one of the following links and send-away!!! (our favorite, and easiest) (Used to be “”... use as last resort) Please note: Just like with emailed files, always call to confirm that I received the transfered files if you haven’t received a confirmation email from me... the file transfer companies also rely on email, and emails occasionally like to go on “vacation” without permission. FTP server: Pretty much no one under 35 even remembers what this is, however, we have one, so if you’re feeling nostalgic and want the log-in info, just give us a call... I’m not entirely sure “I” remember how to log in... Fluffy Stuff (not finished or formatted yet...) Communication... Communication is the key... As soon as you think you have a job coming our way, it's a good idea to email “and call” (see above) and let us know... there are several good reasons for this: It helps us plan our work-flow, especially all the RUSH work we get. It gives us a chance to quiz you about the job so we can make sure you're getting the right product. It allows us to make sure we have your product in stock. It allows us to discuss the technical issues about preparing files for large format output, including whether or not I have the software needed to accept your files. Please note that I have most software on both MAC and PC platforms, BUT, we don't have it all, or we may not have the latest upgrade... so check with us before you start your design work. When in doubt, send a HIGH RESOLUTION PDF file and I will turn it into a *.tiff file. Job Submission Once a job is ready, please gather all the information from the following list and send it with your files:     Final size of your print(s). List the filename and the size.     How many original documents (list filenames)     How many of each file (List filenames)     Total number of prints     If mounted... How?     When you would LIKE the job ready?     When is the DROP DEAD deadline (read this)     Does it need to be packed for shipping?     How delivered: My courier, your courier, UPS ground, client pickup?     If UPS ground, add one (1) day to turnaround. We will ship FedEx or UPS for you. If we are shipping for you, please include your FedEx or UPS account number... we do not usually pre-pay and bill shipping charges. We will prepay and ship local UPS ground. Remember to include any reference number you want on the waybill.     Any purchase order or reference number for the invoice.     If qouted, the amount quoted for the job.     Mothers maiden name     Copious amounts of cash or food from Taco Bell.     Read "How to send files"
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