We are a GPO / SPA Contractor! After years of producing many projects for a wide variety of Government agencies, we noticed that an invoice for a RUSH job we did for the EPA was not getting paid... when we inquired about the invoice, we found out that we were supposed to be registered with the GPO's SPA program (simplified purchase agreement) The helpful people down at the GPO very kindly walked us through the process, and... Now We Are Official!!!!! As we understand it, the SPA program allows you (the Govt. agency) to bypass a lot of the purchasing "red tape" in order to get jobs done quickly and efficiently by your favorite vendors... something we hope to become!!!  If you are not sure how this works, ask someone in a supervisory role with your agency who the SPA purchasing agent is in your group... they will typically be authorized to make purchases up to $2,500, and sometimes up to $10,000. Graphic4Events accepts all major credit cards Purchases for exhibit hardware (displays, banner stands, etc.), are frequently purchased separately from the graphics... allowing each one (hardware and graphics) to separately stay within the $2,500 limit Call us if you have any questions, and we will lie and stall until we can get hold of someone at the SPA offices who can answer the question for us :o)
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