Delivery: Delivery can happen using my courier, your courier, FedEx ground, or you can even pick it up yourself. If FedEx ground is used, there is a small packaging fee, and you need to add one (1) day to the turnaround (FedEx ground is a next-day delivery locally). Remember to give us any reference number you want to appear on the shipping documents. We will insure all FedEx deliveries at the full retail replacement value of the product when requested, however, we can not be responsible for lost or damaged packages.  We suggest that the packages be insured for the amount needed to have rush replacements created and shipped overnight. Please note that delivery charges are not included in my job quotes, so you should expect to see them on the final invoice.  We do not "mark- up" the delivery charges... you will be billed the actual courier fee.  The average courier fees run between $22 & $38 depending on your location, and a courier usually takes 3 hours after they have been called. Rush courier service is available.  Most local FedEx ground deliveries run around $20-$25 depending on the size and weight of the package.
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