Product Pricing Because of the diversity of products we produce, it is impractical to put pricing information on the website. Our pricing is done on a quote basis, so please give us a call or send an email  with your request and we'll have a quote for you quickly... even at 3a.m.  The reason we quote "by-the-job" is that my pricing changes based on whether I'm running out of money to eat at Taco Bell. I can tell you that there are definitely shops out there with lower prices than ours... but there are a lot of shops that are significantly more expensive than us. I like to think that for the money, there's no better service or product in town... but then again, I also think I'm a secret agent sometimes... I have a decoder ring! Down Payments Some of our products require a down-payment to proceed with the work... this is simply because we are a small company and we have to watch our cash flow.  This includes any hardware orders (portable displays, banner stands, etc.), and very large orders that require a significant cash outlay on our part for materials. This requirement can be waived occasionally, please give us a call to discuss it. Rush Charges: We think that rush charges are evil. That's not to say that we never use them... it's just that you have to push us very hard to get a rush charge (or somehow give me an indication that you have much-too-much money for your own good). The way we look at it, if you're in need of a rush job... you're probably living on coffee and anti-depressants, and hiding under your desk. We don't want to make your day any worse, so, as long as you're having a true emergency, It's pretty unlikely that you will get a rush charge (even you, Trish). In a sense, my pricing covers having to do an occasional rush job for everyone... If you will all give me the “real deadline” for your jobs, then it's much more likely that I will have the time to do a rush job without a rush charge. (yes, that was a lecture) Anyone caught abusing our generous RUSH policy will be duct taped to a chair and forced to listen to Barry Manilow CDs. Put us to the test... give us a call! Contact Us
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